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Basking in the Afterglow…

Nothing, and I mean nothing can turn my world right-side-up like a good ride on a fine horse. I have just returned from a really wonderful trip through the state forest (I live on the trail head) on one of the most amazing horses I have ever owned. Her name is Kahlua, and she is a Rocky Mountain/Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse.

You may recall that I was uncertain about going over to the “dark side” (gaited), having ridden literally thousands of miles at a fast trot on Arabians for the past several decades. But this little girl has confirmed that I have not made a bad decision–not at all.

Now, it didn’t hurt that the weather was perfect, the trees are turning, the trail is just right–the sky an unbelievably intense autumn blue, the breeze blowing fine and clear with just a hint of fragrant wood smoke. Here I am in the saddle, and here is Kahlua–ready for any adventure, forward and energetic, yet sensible and cooperative. She has all the best of my favorite breeds. She’s sturdy and forward like a Morgan, stylish like a Saddlebred, animated like an Arabian, and…well…she glides along as though on casters. Her canter is like a rocking chair. I’m in love.

For all those less fortunate–which is everyone in the entire WORLD–I wish you could have at least one moment that is as energizing, humbling, and precious as the one I had today. My life is measured in hoofbeats, and that’s just fine with me.

See you on the trail. –CSM

Kahlua grazing
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