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"Who doesn't enjoy a good villain, after all" - C.S. Marks

Acclaimed fantasy fiction author C. S. Marks has sold more than 35,000 copies of her originally self-published trilogy. Loved by critics and readers alike, her books offer adventure, suspense and mystery. Learn more about the Alterra series published by Parthian Press

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The Positive in the Negative

If you’re a writer who has published work, sooner or later you’re going to get your first really negative review. You’ll know before you see it, because your average rating will have dropped overnight. Yes, friends, there it will be–the dreaded one-star. If you’re anything like me, your throat will tighten and your blood pressure will rise, causing a slight throbbing in your fingertips, the primary sign of dread. We can’t be blamed for reacting this way. Making a book availab

“New and Exclusive”….ummm, whatever works!

So, the other day I was shopping for a cooler to take with me to the conventions–I like to pack my own food and drinks, y’know? I stroll down the aisle in sporting goods, looking over the shelves packed with coolers of all sizes and colors, when something catches my eye. It’s a rather ordinary red plastic cooler, but it bears a BIG label that reads: “New!! Now with exclusive Enviro-cool system.” So, what the heck is that? I wonder. I read the smaller print. It mentions “the l