What’s WRONG with us?

What’s wrong with us?

So, the 23-year-old physiotherapy student, who was gang-raped in Delhi, has died. Her intestines had to be removed due to damage from the iron rod they used to sodomize her. She suffered brain damage and heart failure (no kidding!). Six men–SIX–have been charged with the crime.

Her father, a poor farmer from the north of India, sold all his land to help pay for her education. The family has endured incredible deprivation as a result of this sacrifice–so that they could allow the first member of their family to have an education. Their dream has been brutally destroyed by six vicious animals masquerading as men.

Anyone who has ever read one of my books knows how I feel about the subjugation, suppression, and persecution of women. But there’s a darker part of me–a vengeful part–that only appears when the level of brutality toward innocent women strays into the subhuman. There are no words to describe what those “men” did. There is no possible justification–no defense of it.

I want them put up against a wall. NOW.

What does that say of me? We are told that enlightened people try to forgive, that they don’t exact retribution, that they must never take a human life. The death penalty, we are told, runs counter to the principles of enlightened people. Usually, I agree with them.

Then some evil, twisted, reprehensible excuse for a human being turns all that on its head by perpetrating a crime SO vile that, in my opinion, there is no death painful enough. These evil creatures need to be eliminated from society–they have forfeited their rights as humans in my mind. There’s only one way to ensure that no one ever suffers at their hands again.

I’m sure that, once I’ve had time to reflect on it, I’ll sag back into the complacent, understanding mire of tolerance. And that’s probably a good thing…I guess. But, if those six “men” were placed against a wall in front of me right now, and I were handed a firearm, could I pull the trigger?

If the answer is “yes”, what does that say of me?

  1. It says that you recognize that there is true evil in the world and that some people willfully reject civilization and membership in the human race. As such they are the equivalent of rabid dogs that need to be put down. Robert Heinlein had an interesting take on capital punishment that he wrote about in “Starship Troopers”. The only way to make absolutely sure that they cannot do this sort of thing ever again is to kill them. Either these people don’t rate as humans or they are mentally ill. If they can’t be cured, well, we shoot mad dogs, don’t we? And if they can be cured of their illness, how could they live with themselves?

    I guess I’m just a bit bloodthirsty.

  2. What the world has become is sickening. And at times when people scream the world is coming to an end I almost wish it would, so this disgust will be obliterated, because no justice system (Technically there are none anymore!) Don’t have the balls to do what they should do and that is an eye for an eye … agonizing pain and suffering 100 fold of what they had done. No one cares anymore, even the pathetic “monsters” have so called rights! No way no how! Not in any instance! They are criminals and they have no rights and should be punished to fit the crime that committed. Pure out right suffering for the sick-minded ones without doubt! I actually wrote a book Personal Justice 1-8. Though I do not detail the payback, I know it is due!

    I am not evil; I just stand against all kinds of it! Sadly, no one has the balls to serve it up!

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