We’re Baaa-aaaack…

At LAST! We have a book (back) in print!

I’m very pleased to report that Elfhunter (the first book in the trilogy) has now been released for Kindle. This is the real deal, folks—newly re-mastered, with a first class developmental edit, absolutely stunning cover art and interior illustrations, and…well, you’ll just have to go online and see it for yourself! Here’s the link:


I’ve learned a lot recently about what it means to be traditionally published. The experience has often been frustrating, if not downright frightening, but it was certainly worth it in the long run. Were it not for the publisher, I would never have had the benefit of Leslie Wainger, 30-year veteran editor. Nor would my books be graced with the incomparable artwork of Hope Hoover. Nor would there be a new graphic novel of The Fire King slated for release in 2013. Nor would I be enjoying the energy and expertise of a really great publicist.

At the same time, we are releasing the first novella in The Alterra Histories, entitled “The Fire King”. I will be writing many more such novellas—glimpses into the history/back-story of Alterra and the myriad of characters introduced in the books. From you, my readers, I have gathered feedback as to which events/characters you are curious about, and have two new novellas on the drawing board.

The Fire King, of course, is the story of Aincor, the original Fire-heart. Next on the list is the “untold story” behind Gaelen and her beloved Rain, including a look into the blood-and-thunder of the Third Uprising. To go along with the release of the new Fire-heart, we have the story of El-morah (how DID a former assassin come to be running a coffee house in the middle of the desert while under witness protection?). “The Shadow-man” will be coming in 2013. Finally, to go with Ravenshade, you’ll get the story of Salasin, the cold-hearted, taciturn scholar who founded the Silver City—who might not have been so cold-hearted after all. Are you ready for some Adventure—Alterra-style?

Well, GET ready! J

  1. Just wanted to let you know that the Amazon Elfhunter link does not work. At least from this page.

    • Well, drat! I’ll inform the admin right away. Thanks for letting us know, though! We’ll get it fixed up.
      We’re working on a really cool new site for Elfhunter itself. When it’s up, I’ll send you a message…would love your feedback on it.

      • I just tried it, Idgie…it worked fine. 🙂 Must have been a solar flare, or gremlins, or something!

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