The Fire King is now available!

The first in the Alterra Histories series of novellas, The Fire King is the story of Aincor Fire-heart. I’m so excited to have it up for sale, and I’m jazzed about the series in general–it will allow us to explore Alterra as never before! The Fire King is loaded with action, with just enough romance to keep it interesting (right before it rips your heart out of your chest). And it’s an inexpensive way to take a trip into the world of Alterra–only 99 cents and you’re part of the adventure!

Aincor is a really interesting character–another complicated soul caught up in the folly of his own arrogance. Find out what happens to him, and those around him, as he is faced with the ultimate test.

I can hardly wait to take you there, worthy readers old and new!


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