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The “THAT” Police

So, when did editors/readers/critics decide to declare war on the word “that?” Seriously. I keep hearing this over and over again from folks–even from one college professor who declared that he would eliminate the word “that” from the language entirely. Well, good luck with that, mate! Let me know if you […]

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In Praise of Winter

In Praise of Winter As I was pulling the umptieth tick from one of my dogs this morning (the end of October, for cryin’ out loud!) it was easy to appreciate the value of a good, hard winter. Nature has a way of making me feel guilty for all the […]

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When Food Fantasies Invade…

Imagine for a moment that you’ve been riding a snorty horse for about twelve hours over tricky terrain. The weather has been less than cooperative–alternating between extreme heat/humidity and pelting rain. The rain has made all the tree-limbs heavy, so they droop down across the trail, slapping you in the […]

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