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How to Write a Customer Review–You can do it!

If you have purchased a book, you’re a customer. That means you have all the qualifications necessary to write and post a customer review on Amazon, Goodreads, or anywhere you wish. So, what’s stopping you? Many readers say that they are unsure of how to write a customer review. They’re […]

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Putting Things in Perspective: Readers as Individuals

Putting Things in Perspective–Looking at Readers as Individuals and not as Numbers In late 2005, I published my first novel. To tell you the truth, I didn’t expect much. I just wanted to share the story with as many readers as I could manage, hoping to entertain them, stimulate their […]

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The Positive in the Negative

If you’re a writer who has published work, sooner or later you’re going to get your first really negative review. You’ll know before you see it, because your average rating will have dropped overnight. Yes, friends, there it will be–the dreaded one-star. If you’re anything like me, your throat will […]

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“New and Exclusive”….ummm, whatever works!

So, the other day I was shopping for a cooler to take with me to the conventions–I like to pack my own food and drinks, y’know? I stroll down the aisle in sporting goods, looking over the shelves packed with coolers of all sizes and colors, when something catches my […]

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Think of the kitties…

As some of you might know, I spend a certain amount of time on the Amazon discussion forums. I also hang out on Goodreads once in a while. Mostly I just lurk, but occasionally someone feeds me a straight line that is simply too good to be true, and I […]

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Stop Your Whining!

Americans are some of the most innovative, indomitable, intrepid risk-takers the world has ever seen. They overcome all challenges, or they go down fighting. They battle against the odds. They respond to detractors either with a defiant “Oh, YEAH? Well, I’ll show you. I’ll come back next year ten times […]

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