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How to Write a Customer Review–You can do it!

If you have purchased a book, you’re a customer. That means you have all the qualifications necessary to write and post a customer review on Amazon, Goodreads, or anywhere you wish. So, what’s stopping you? Many readers say that they are unsure of how to write a customer review. They’re […]

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Insanity in August!

I must be out of my mind. Seriously–only an insane person would attempt what I am about to do in August. I’ll be heading up to Chicago for ComicCon, then back home for two days, then off to GenCon, then back for two days, then school starts, then drive to […]

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Why Customer Reviews Exist and How We, as Authors, Should Respond to Them:

Since 2005, I’ve been dealing with the question of reviews. I was a new author back then, and I sweated and fretted every review that came in. Y’know something? I still do, though not as much as I did back then. The reviews came slowly–still do–maybe one every few weeks […]

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We’re Baaa-aaaack…

At LAST! We have a book (back) in print! I’m very pleased to report that Elfhunter (the first book in the trilogy) has now been released for Kindle. This is the real deal, folks—newly re-mastered, with a first class developmental edit, absolutely stunning cover art and interior illustrations, and…well, you’ll […]

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