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How to Write a Customer Review–You can do it!

If you have purchased a book, you’re a customer. That means you have all the qualifications necessary to write and post a customer review on Amazon, Goodreads, or anywhere you wish. So, what’s stopping you? Many readers say that they are unsure of how to write a customer review. They’re […]

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“I Share My Life”

Reflections on Teaching and Learning: I often find myself in the enviable position of teaching Equine Science to people who don’t like science. I used to do the same thing in Biology–I asked for non-majors. Yes, I know, that’s not typical. Most professors dislike teaching students who are there because […]

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A few thoughts on World-building

I write in the world of “what if?” The proper name these days is “speculative fiction,” encompassing fantasy, science fiction, horror, paranormal, and…probably a few others I don’t even know about. It’s a blast, and I love it, but it’s a challenge sometimes. All fiction requires a certain amount of […]

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Why Customer Reviews Exist and How We, as Authors, Should Respond to Them:

Since 2005, I’ve been dealing with the question of reviews. I was a new author back then, and I sweated and fretted every review that came in. Y’know something? I still do, though not as much as I did back then. The reviews came slowly–still do–maybe one every few weeks […]

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The Fire King is now available!

The first in the Alterra Histories series of novellas, The Fire King is the story of Aincor Fire-heart. I’m so excited to have it up for sale, and I’m jazzed about the series in general–it will allow us to explore Alterra as never before! The Fire King is loaded with […]

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In Praise of Winter

In Praise of Winter As I was pulling the umptieth tick from one of my dogs this morning (the end of October, for cryin’ out loud!) it was easy to appreciate the value of a good, hard winter. Nature has a way of making me feel guilty for all the […]

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If I can’t have fun…

If I can't have fun...

Why Do It If You Can’t Have Fun? A “Conventional” reflection by C.S. Marks So, I’ve just returned from two very, very large and well known conventions. Apart from questioning my sanity (I am really tired from smiling at all those people and lugging stuff around), I am now immersed […]

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When Food Fantasies Invade…

Imagine for a moment that you’ve been riding a snorty horse for about twelve hours over tricky terrain. The weather has been less than cooperative–alternating between extreme heat/humidity and pelting rain. The rain has made all the tree-limbs heavy, so they droop down across the trail, slapping you in the […]

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