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Short cuts…

OK, so I decided to bake Christmas cookies. Mom used to make these wonderful little cookies out of flour, butter, sugar (naturally), almond extract, and baking powder. I don’t have the recipe, and I’m in “revising hell” at the moment (deadlines loom, y’know?). So I think to myself: Hey, those […]

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How to Hold on to Some of your Self-esteem when living with Elves

They’re tall. They’re gorgeous. They’re immortal–unless you kill them–and they don’t get sick or deteriorate with age. They’re Elves, and they’re annoying.  Now, don’t get me wrong–I love them and appreciate them for what they are, but they are definitely difficult for the human “I-suffer-from-crow’s-feet-and occasional-distress-in-the-lower-tract” psyche to accommodate. No […]

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