Short cuts…

OK, so I decided to bake Christmas cookies. Mom used to make these wonderful little cookies out of flour, butter, sugar (naturally), almond extract, and baking powder. I don’t have the recipe, and I’m in “revising hell” at the moment (deadlines loom, y’know?). So I think to myself: Hey, those really sound like sugar cookies with almond extract in them. Wonder if I can cheat a little?

So I purchase a roll of sugar cookie dough (recommended by the Doughboy), and mix in some almond extract. I roll them and bake them. Hmmm…they don’t look quite right, but maybe they taste okay. So I eat one.

Y’know, Mom had it right. Real butter makes a HUGE difference, as does the lack of “dough conditioners” and preservatives. Best part–our cookies had no egg in them, so YOU COULD EAT the raw dough. It was perfectly safe!

No more short cuts for me, sister!

  1. Haha! 🙂

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