Insanity in August!

Look for me at the Cons!

Look for me at the Cons!

I must be out of my mind.

Seriously–only an insane person would attempt what I am about to do in August. I’ll be heading up to Chicago for ComicCon, then back home for two days, then off to GenCon, then back for two days, then school starts, then drive to Atlanta for Dragon Con.

This will be an endurance test, but it will be oh-so-worth it! I’m launching the new novella, Fallen Embers, as well as our new line of Alterran leather goods (gorgeous, I’m tellin’ ya!). I’ll be performing a 45-minute filk concert at Dragon Con, driving the Elfmobile in the parade, and in general getting up to all sorts of mischief. The best part? Readers! Lots of readers with whom I can hobnob, kanoodle, and confab.

I love it. Every minute. I hope I can convince a few new folks to join in the Alterran adventure. If any of you will be attending any of the aforementioned conventions, please do come and see me! I’ll be in the authors/artists area at ComicCon and GenCon, and the dealer’s room at Dragon Con. Look for the gigantic orange banner with the incredibly hunky Elf and “World of Alterra” on it.

I can hardly wait to meet you…


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