Fire-heart Release Giveaway Blitz!

Fire-heart400In celebration of the release of Fire-heart on October 16th we are doing a giveaway that includes some truly amazing authors! So enter to win awesome prizes and get ready for the big day!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  1. woohoo!

  2. Always glad to hear news about Chris and anything from Alterra.

  3. So cool! I’m going to enter… I hope I win! 🙂
    When is the story of Rain and Gaelen coming out?!?!?!

    • The story of Rain and Gaelen is currently available in paperback only. Let me know if you’d like a copy and Chris will send you an invoice.

  4. …But why do they all have to be digital copies? All well, I guess I’ll have to force myself to learn to read off a screen

    • Ty, These are not ALL digital, there are some paperbacks in there too!

  5. Sorry, last comment I promise! Why are ya’ll giving so many copies of the same books away?

    • There are multiple copies of the same titles so that we can have multiple winners!

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