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Lifetimes to build–moments to ruin.

I love trees. I have always been a forest-dweller, reveling in the sounds, scents, and sights of the deep woods. I love moss, and water, and the lilt of wood thrushes at twilight. When I need comfort, I go to the forest. When I feel adventurous, I go to the […]

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On Writing Violence

When people ask what other authors have influenced my writing, the answer surprises some of them. Everyone expects me to name Tolkien, and, of course, I always do. They don’t expect me to name “Stephen King.” I confess—I love King’s books, especially the real door-stoppers like The Stand and The […]

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Update on The Shadow-man…

Start looking for it, folks! Went through final pre-flight check tonight. (I’m so excited! I hope you enjoy it.) –CSM   Update: AND IT’S UP AND FLYING! Print version coming any day…

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Shadow-man…Done and Dusted!

SO, after a long night of crafting the final scene of my newest novella, The Shadow-man is done and dusted. At this point I would say it’s a polished draft. It still needs beta reading, editing and revision, but that hard part is over. Next stop–cover reveal! 🙂 This one […]

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