Fallen Embers

Fallen Embers by C.S. MarksRain–King and warrior, stern and duty-bound.
Who could have foreseen he would ever encounter the one who would change his life forever?
But he does.

How much of a man’s world, how much of his life will he risk to possess everything he has ever wanted?

From the creator of the beloved World of Alterra comes
A tale of passion and determination, of sacrifice and courage
For Rain has found a foe he cannot overcome with sword or strategy.
Now he must battle an enemy none can defeat.
Now he will battle Fate itself.

From the creator of the beloved Elfhunter series comes the second in the Alterra Histories series of NOVELLAS. Each novella is a complete stand-alone story taken from the pages of Alterran lore. They may be read in any order, with or without the novels, offering a substantial sample of the wondrous world of Alterra and the epic fantasy writings of C.S. Marks.

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Fallen Embers by C.S. Marks


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