Back from ComicCon and GenCon…

IMG_0794We had such fun! Even the Grim Reaper likes Elfhunter. 😉 He said he wouldn’t take me yet; I have to finish the series first. Ha! Meanwhile, it was GREAT interfacing with all you guys–meeting new friends and old–getting the latest from Alterra into your hands.

There were a few problems at ComicCon–they shoved the creative types (authors and artists) onto the lower level, basically with no signage to tell folks we were there. The escalators were broken down on Thursday and Sunday. It was a bit of a disaster–I could have held archery practice in the hall and not put anyone at risk, y’know? Ah, well…c’est la vie.

Both Cons were sell-outs with respect to Elfhunter, so I need to learn to bring more books next year. Hopefully, I’ll have all three available by then as well as a new novella or two.

DragonCon is next (I hope) and then some time off. March and April ComicCons, June and July, August, September, and October–2014 is gonna be a busy year!!

If you ordered books at ComicCon, I should be getting them in very soon. I’ll put out a bulletin when they come in! “See” you soon.

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