Amazon Pre-order Notice

Amazon Pre-order Notice

If you pre-ordered a hard copy of Elfhunter  through Amazon, you likely have received a cancellation notice.  Due to the change in publishers Elfhunter’s street date for the print version has been postponed until mid 2013.


The good news: if you have an e-reader or tablet the e-book version is now available for purchase here on and soon on other e-book reseller sites.


If you are still interested in purchasing a hard copy of Elfhunter, please click here and fill out the form. You will be notified when Elfhunter is available for purchase, and you will receive a coupon towards your purchase on Amazon.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we look forward to bringing Elfhunter to your bookshelf!

  1. Oh no! Not out till next year! All well… what about the graphic novels. Do you know when those will be out?

    • We are hoping for the graphic novel adaptation of “The Fire King” sometime next year, but no promises. However, we plan to keep you all entertained with new installments of “The Alterra Histories”–I might never run out of material for those! 🙂 Thank you for following our Alterran adventures!
      (PS: If there’s a particular character or event you’d like to see explored in future novellas, just let us know! We’ll put your suggestion on the list!) 🙂

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