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What’s WRONG with us?

What’s wrong with us? So, the 23-year-old physiotherapy student, who was gang-raped in Delhi, has died. Her intestines had to be removed due to damage from the iron rod they used to sodomize her. She suffered brain damage and heart failure (no kidding!). Six men–SIX–have been charged with the crime. […]

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The Blizzard of 2012

So, I’m sitting here in the great room (what a living room is called in a log house) as the snow piles up around me. Wind is howling–really. Trees are shuddering under the weight of heavy snow and the buffeting of wind. I just dug the barn out so I […]

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Short cuts…

OK, so I decided to bake Christmas cookies. Mom used to make these wonderful little cookies out of flour, butter, sugar (naturally), almond extract, and baking powder. I don’t have the recipe, and I’m in “revising hell” at the moment (deadlines loom, y’know?). So I think to myself: Hey, those […]

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Amazon Pre-order Notice

Amazon Pre-order Notice If you pre-ordered a hard copy of Elfhunter  through Amazon, you likely have received a cancellation notice.  Due to the change in publishers Elfhunter’s street date for the print version has been postponed until mid 2013.   The good news: if you have an e-reader or tablet the […]

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A Gift for my readers–a short story for the Holidays…

Heart’s Desire C.S. Marks Newspaper really isn’t a very good insulator, but it’s marginally better than frozen cardboard. He had surrounded himself with as much newsprint as he could find, wadding it loosely to trap as much air as possible, because his cherished cardboard carton had been soaked by a […]

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The Fire King is now available!

The first in the Alterra Histories series of novellas, The Fire King is the story of Aincor Fire-heart. I’m so excited to have it up for sale, and I’m jazzed about the series in general–it will allow us to explore Alterra as never before! The Fire King is loaded with […]

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